Frequently Asked Questions
What is Mesh?

We have a very lovely About Page that shares our vision and values and other goodness. But casually speaking, Mesh is a network of brilliant innovators, vibrant creatives, out-of-the-box visionaries, world changers, peace protectors, and so much more. Like sunshine in human form!

We foster conscious connections between job seekers, employers, entrepreneurs, and cool people who are doing good things in the world. We're a network. We encourage authenticity and transparency through every step of our process and have been said to be pretty good "hype humans" when needed.

Carrying our values with us everywhere, we thrive at cultivating a community driven by compassion. So please, bring all your quirks, your talents, your insights, your brilliance, and your weirdness. You're welcome here.

Again, if you want to learn more about us, our values, and vision, you can go here

How long will it take you to find me a job?

We don't make promises here. While we are going to try to work our magic to find you a job quickly, the perfect fit is what we are concerned about. An authentic job placement matters most.

Rest assured that once you've joined our network and we understand who you are and what you're about, we'll be on the lookout for great connections for you all the time!

If you're seeking new opportunities and want to learn more about joining our network, go here.

My recruiter experience sucked - why should I work with you? 

First of all - we know. We get it. It's precisely because we understand the problems many people have with recruiters that we'll do anything in our power to make sure it doesn't suck anymore!

Alas, in the process, we are only human, and sometimes we miss a message, or forget to respond to an email, or get distracted by our cute dogs begging us to play before our next connection. But in a world of bad communication and ghosts, and recruiters trying to play a volume game, we promise to be honest and do our best.

What you can count on with Mesh as your recruiting agency, is  that we'll be present in our conversations, to listen to you unconditionally with ears of love and empathy, to speak with honesty and transparency, and share useful feedback or advice.

When you speak with a Mesh connector, you're speaking with a friend. We love to hear your story.

If you're seeking new opportunities and want to learn more about joining our network, go here.

How do you help me find the right role?

First, unconditional listening. When we learn about your story, not only are we excited to hear about your passions and interests, we're listening "in-between the lines". We'll ask thoughtful questions, not cookie cutter ones.

Sometimes we come to an epiphany of opportunity during our chat, other times we all leave deeply contemplative about the possibility of new directions –– we welcome either.

We're grateful to get to know our candidates more authentically this way, and we're happy to do everything we can to fully understand each individual situation. Our goal is for everyone we speak with to leave the conversation feeling energized, hopeful, perhaps more curious, and even more motivated.

If you're seeking new opportunities and want to learn more about joining our network, go here.

Why are you so good at what you do?

We listen. We pause. We practice presence. We're compassionate, passionate human beings with an uncanny ability to find synergy between innovative, caring, creative, capable, and pioneering people.

We're a  recruiting agency. We place authenticity over volume, and we live and work through our values.

What's the meaning of life? 
To experience it. And give your gifts. Let us know if we can help you do that. ;)

How long will it take for you to find me an employee?

Unlike most recruiting agencies, we don't want to make promises we can't keep. We value quality over quantity, so while we may not get you a candidate tomorrow, we also won't send you a pile of resumes tomorrow that aren't quality connections.  We have a way of finding that perfect candidate - pretty fast sometimes too - but we want to be sure we set fair expectations.

If you're seeking new talent and more wonderful team members, and you want to learn more about our services, go here.

How do you find the right person for the role?

We start with unconditional listening with each of our candidates and community members. When we learn about your organization, your needs, your trajectory, and your culture, we're excited to consider the talent and authentic  character of our candidates that will align best with your team's passions and vision. We're constantly listening "in-between the lines" both with our candidates, and certainly with the teams and organizations we partner up with.

Sometimes we're able to introduce a prime candidate based on immediate connection ideas with people in our community. Sometimes we sift, and carefully screen for a while before the right candidate presents themselves as the right fit.  It's the alignment of the fit we care about most.

We get to know our candidates very well and bring care to the process of offering suggestions or introductions to our clients.

If you're seeking new talent and team growth, and you want to learn more about our services, go here.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Our clients all tend to care about their team first. They rally around respect for the human beings that make their companies work.

We believe it's important for individuals and teams to be able to be their full, authentic human selves in a work environment, and it's something we don't take lightly. We think work-life authenticity is an essential thing.

We work with startups and mid-sized companies who are all doing meaningful work in the world, typically through technology. Our clients' values always tend to align well with our Mesh values. And they always will, because we're picky about who we work with - so that we too can always be our full and authentic selves.

If you'd like to learn more about our services, go here. Or, contact us.

What do you provide for people who aren't looking for a new job?
Connection and FUN! :) At the end of the day, Mesh is a community. We provide resources, market insight, valuable connections, introductions, networking events, ideas, innovative tech, a laugh, a shoulder to cry on, and a personal champion. What else can we do for you?

Have another question?

Contact us and we'll be happy to chat with you.

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